Waiting Room iPad Check-In App on iOS 7


drchrono-patient-check-in-ios-7As of today we are proud to announce we have updated the app with a complete new redesign from the ground up for iOS 7.

What came out today for our users

  • Completely redesigned for iOS 7
  • Secondary Insurance Eligibility Check
  • Added filters to appointment list
  • Added co-pay field

So if you don’t have it, download the latest version of our iPad Checkin App!

2 thoughts on “Waiting Room iPad Check-In App on iOS 7

  1. I’m really proud to have drchrono as my EHR. I love seeing all of the constant updates, and I constantly brag about it to my MD colleagues who readily voice their EMR woes. I just wish the uservoice forum was updated and popular suggestions were implemented a little more often.

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