“Virtual Waiting Rooms” and Further Enhancing the Patient Experience

Waiting in the Comfort of Your Home

Urgent care centers are working around the clock to keep up with the rapid increase in patients who are in need of immediate care. Simply scheduling for appointments for high volumes of patients can cause headaches for both patients and clinics. Fortunately, incorporating advanced mobile and cloud based technology into the process can help diffuse a lot of that frustration. Now with virtual waiting rooms patients can simply wait at home or anywhere patients choose to until the providers can see them at the clinic.  

First, let’s talk about the importance of online booking system fully integrated with clinic’s EHR and scheduling system.  An online appointment booking system lets a patient book a new appointment or fill a last minute cancellation on your practice’s website on his or her phone or computer.

See how Direct Urgent Care in SF Bay Area, CA and Action Urgent Care in San Jose, CA implemented online booking system on their website which shows average wait time by clinic location. Your patients can also use their mobile device to check for wait time, book an appointment and check-in online.


Direct Urgent Care, SF Bay Area, CA

Direct Urgent Care SF Bay Area online booking system with wait times

Action Urgent Care San Jose online booking system with wait times


iphone main street urgent care virtual queue system




A virtual queue system will let your patients see their position in line, so they can head over when they are nearing the first place in line.  This can reduce patience anxiety and improve their experience overall.







An online check-in via patient portal lets your patients to check in from your iPhone, iPad or computer, or use a self check-in Kiosk on iPad at the front to get their check-in information ready before seeing their doctor.

DrChrono Check-in App iPad kiosk mode


iphone doctor's appointment virtual queue system

How Virtual Waiting Rooms Change 
Your Clinic

Many of you may ask how does this affect me and my clinic? Well the fully integrated and streamlined appointment booking with your practice scheduling and clinical charting even to billing reduces tremendous amount of administrative tasks that both the physicians and staff have to juggle throughout the day.   Virtual waiting room also increase patient satisfaction by letting them wait in the comfort of their own home or anywhere for that matter, and spending less time waiting in the clinic which can elevate the anxiety level for both the patients and the clinic staff.




Increased practice efficiency in many ways help you put patients first:

  • See more patients – Online appointment scheduling enables both the new and existing patients to book a new appointment or backfill a last minute cancellation with ease.
  • Improve patient experience.  With wait time and virtual queue, patients can receive care without having to spend hours in the waiting room.
  • Minimize  paperwork – All intake or check in forms can be submitted online before or at the point of appointment and all patient info will be proliferated through the EHR and billing system without multiple data entries. Both patients and staff don’t have to spend time on redundant or extra paperwork.  
  • Give more time to staff – Reducing administrative work allows staff can focus more on patient care and other critical clinic operational tasks.

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