Update: New drchrono EHR!

Update: New drchrono EHR!

We’ve made some phenomenal changes to our EHR app! Our latest update includes:

-UI Improvements- Faster and More Responsive – Slide Menus for easier navigation – Message Center – Two-Factor Authentication – Choose appointment to copy in “Copy Previous Note” – Billing Pick List for faster adding of codes – Colors on Appointment List sync with Appointment Profiles – Option of “No Known Medications” in Medication List – Option of “No Known Drugs” in Drug List – Activity Monitor of actions

Download the new iPad EHR here! Watch an overview of the new iPad EHR here!

Our slide menu makes it easier than ever to navigate through your EHR. The interface is much faster and moves between sections at a lightning fast pace!

The new Message Center makes it really easy to view, sort, and assign incoming fax messages. Soon, you’ll even be able to see your labs here!

The Activity Monitor allows you to see the processes that your EHR is going through, and will let you know if there is an error.

We hope you love the new updates as much as we do! Please continue to give us your suggestions here!

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