Update: New drchrono EHR for the iPad!

Update: New drchrono EHR for the iPad!

We’ve just released a new version of our iPad EHR! This update is packed with phenomenal new features that you and your staff are going to love!

New Erx for faster and easier prescribing – Simple Lab ordering – Lab Results/Erx in Message Center – Meaningful Use Dashboard and Assistant – Tap Profile Picture to take photo – Pull to refresh History – Pick List in Assessment section – Quick Note for Notes on the go – Updated Medication Order screen – Ability to specify duration of appointment

New Erx for faster and easier prescribing

You can now create a “Favorite” Medications list. To add a medication to this list, select the +Favorite box when you’re sending a prescription to add it to the list. Once it’s on the list, you can select the “Favorite Meds” button at the top of the screen to find the “Favorite” and add it to the order.

To select a pharmacy for the patient, choose the magnifying glass icon.

Here, you can search by zip code, close to you, or close to the patient. Once you’ve located the pharmacy, you can select the blue arrow to make more choices. You can choose the pharmacy for this time only, add it to your Favorite Pharmacy List, or set as your patient’s default. You’ll also be able to access directions and view contact information for the pharmacy.

Simple Lab ordering 

Once you’ve been set with Labs, you can send and receive Lab Orders on your iPad EHR as well! To create a lab order, go to the Profile tab on your EHR and select Labs.

From here, you will select the blue plus icon to create a new lab order. You’ll select Who to Bill, whether to send to PSC, add Internal or Report Notes, add relevant ICD9s, and choose which labs to order.

Lab Results/Erx in Message Center

You’ll be able to check your Lab Results and view your eRx requests directly from the Message Center on your iPad EHR, saving you and your staff time during your workday!

Meaningful Use Dashboard and Assistant

We’ve added the Meaningful Use Report that we have on our website to the iPad EHR! By selecting Meaningful Use Report, you can view which Requirements you’ve met and need to meet. Similarly to the website, we’ve included both the “More Info” and “How To” tabs to help you meet the Requirements!

We’ve also added the Meaningful Use Assistant to help you keep track of MU for every patient! Check out this post for more information on the Meaningful Use Assistant! 

Pick List in Assessment section

You’ve been using the Pick List in the Billing section, now it’s available in the Assessment section as well!

Quick Note for Appointment Notes on the go

Sometimes you just need to write a quick note for yourself before filling out your Complete Note. We’ve listened and added a Sticky Note per each appointment!

By selecting the yellow Sticky Note in the upper right hand corner, you can create a memo or short note for yourself about the appointment. You can write and hi-light in a multitude of colors, use a text box, or erase areas!


Ability to specify duration of appointment

We hope you enjoy the new features of the drchrono EHR app as much as we do! Please contact us at support@drchrono.com with any questions or suggestions!

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