drchrono Adds Mayo Clinic Content to the iPad EHR

Y-Combinator incubated company DrChrono, the EHR company currently focused exclusively on iPad- and iPhone-toting providers, has added digitized patient education content in an exclusive licensing deal with the Mayo Clinic to help its DrChrono customers fulfill the patient education component of meaningful use. DrChrono CEO and Co-Founder Michael Nusimow told MobiHealthNews during a recent interview… Continue Reading

drchrono Offers OnPatient as an Option to Replace Google Health

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Google’s decision to discontinue Google Health will go into effect January 1st, 2013, permanently removing access for all existing Google Health users. drchrono, the company providing Free Electronic Health Records to physicians on the iPad, has created a seamless replacement for Google Health.  “We’re committed to the idea of giving patients control of their health… Continue Reading

Usability is the Most Important Factor for EHR Adoption


Why is anything successful? Because people like to use it. Usability drives the doctor to pick it up because they enjoy the interface. They enjoy how they are in the driver’s seat, and it’s why people generally enjoy driving a Porsche over a Ford Taurus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter as much how important EHR’s are… Continue Reading

Stethoscope Replaced With Mobile Ultrasound


Ever want to check out your patient’s heart valves at bedside, in the hallway, or at the nurse’s station? Even check out a friend’s heart valves at a cocktail party? Well, that may be going overboard, but at least you would know you could if you wanted to. These mobile ultrasound devices, at the size… Continue Reading

iPad 2 vs Windows PC vs Android on Mobile Health

The iPad 2 is sold out, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and his team, which surveyed Apple retail stores over the weekend. Munster estimates Apple sold 400,000 to 500,000 iPad 2s, which would mean the device has fared better than the original iPad, 300,000 of which were sold in its opening weekend. How… Continue Reading

Android EHR / Android EMR


View your drchrono EHR platform schedule in a HIPAA compliant way though Android! Download the drchrono Android app here. The Samsung Galaxy is used in this demo.

drchrono iPad EMR Makes Top Charts in iTunes

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We have made it to the top charts in iTunes. You can find us in the iPad Medical Category! Daniel Kivatinos Daniel is co-founder and COO of drchrono. Daniel is a designer, software engineer and entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. More articles from Daniel can be found here.  

Getting the latest version of our iPad EMR

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Our iPad EMR app is now available in the Tunes App Store! There is a delay in releasing every updated version of the Dr. Chrono app to the iTunes store. For physicians who want the cutting edge version of our iPad EMR app, they can get it before its official release by sending us their… Continue Reading