New Feature: Onset Date Entry on the EHR/EMR App


EHR/EMR App: Adding Onset Date in Appointment Details With this newest release, the drchrono EHR/EMR mobile application gains the ability to enter onset date. If you rely on your mobile device to conduct your appointments, you may enter in the onset date at the same time the condition is diagnosed, treated, or evaluated during the appointment. With… Continue Reading

Meaningful Use Migration from Stage 1 to Stage 2

Data is more ubiquitous, and strong standards are being put in place forcing electronic medical records (EMR) to adopt common standards for workflows. This will have a significant impact on a physician’s practice. Following are five things doctors need to know about moving from Stage 1 meaningful use to Stage 2, what it means and how to… Continue Reading

Box + drchrono

The leader in cloud storage.  The leader in EHR innovation.   Together in the palm of your hand. Our newest partnership with Box allows doctors and clinical staff to securely store, share and collaborate on patient’s medical records, lab reports and images.  drchrono users can extract a patient summary from the drchrono medical record application and… Continue Reading


Our CDS Rules feature is one of our most helpful features for doctors when it comes to assisting them with their Meaningful Use requirements, as well as automating reminders for their patient’s health. Please check out our newest video featuring our CDS Rules and how you can use these rules as reminders on best practices…. Continue Reading

Stick Out Your Tongue!

drchrono Freedraw example screen in the EHR app

I am lucky enough to share a co-working space with a woman who recently graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a result, I get to be the beneficiary of health advice that lies beyond the parameters of traditional Western approaches. Rather than the anatomic or organ systems approaches I’m accustomed to,… Continue Reading

Workflow and ease of use


In order to get to ‘Meaningful Use’, we need to first get Provider’s to use an EHR to even hope to reach the level of obtaining meaningful use.  Financial barriers are another reason why adoption is difficult to attain. However, I believe that Provider’s do want to do the “right thing”, which is EHR use…. Continue Reading

Meaningful Use Waves Overview from NIST

The NIST or National Institute of Standards and Technology has waves that need to be followed for meaningful use, these waves can be found here: Below is a layout of these waves as well of what is required from NIST to meet meaningful use. Our focus is to reach all meaningful use criteria on our… Continue Reading