iPad EHR Presented at Health 2.0 Conference


Every year the drchrono team has presented at the health 2.0 conference. This year I was able to show off some of our cool new ideas just implemented. FreeDraw, drawing on images Macro buttons, adding new keys to the iPad keyboard Fast medical template input We would just like to thank the health 2.0 team… Continue Reading

drchrono shows their iPad chops

By Matthew Holt This is a repost from “The Health Care Blog“. The guys from drchrono have come a long way since we saw them first just last summer. They have a SaaS based practice management system, but at Health 2.0 at the Doctor’s Office they introduced an iPad-based tool for physicians. Here’s a quick… Continue Reading

drchrono Presenting at Health 2.0 2009 San Francisco

Michael and I had the honor of presenting DrChrono.com at the 2009 Health 2.0 conference, our 3 minute presentation is below (we had 2 people record it so check out either video, thank your Chip and Martin for recording our demo!): http://www.viddler.com/player/80fc0a95/ http://www.viddler.com/player/1fec833c/ VentureBeat talks about DrChrono.com and the Health 2.0 conference. Phreesia’s co-founders Chaim… Continue Reading