PRESS | NPR | Health Apps Hop on the Apple Watch

“Some app developers hope that doctors will flock to buy the Apple Watch to help them manage an overload of patient information. “Doctors are finally getting amazing hardware that just works, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it,” said Daniel Kivatinos, cofounder of Drchrono, an electronic medical record company. Using Drchrono’s app for… Continue Reading

PRESS | FORBES | How EHR Will Be More Helpful to Doctors

“Wearable electronic health records are knocking on doctors’ doors too. Drchrono, for instance, has made patient-facing and provider-facing Apple Watch apps to complement its iPhone and tablet versions. Using the app, a physician can view a patient’s information, respond to patient messages using quick text and assess a patient’s refill requests as well as lab… Continue Reading

PRESS|PYMNTS.COM|drchrono’s Fingerprint Scan Feature Secures Healthcare Data

At the Spring Forward event, Apple launched ResearchKit, an open source software framework which seamlessly taps into the pool of useful data generated by Healthkit and makes it accessible to medical researchers. With ResearchKit, researchers and designers will be able to build applications for iPhone users and submit it to the Appstore. With this new development,… Continue Reading

February 2015 – New Features List

Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements. Patients We have updated our system with new service types to check eligibility and benefits for patients such as physical therapy, skilled nursing care, lenses etc. Ordering Provider Section In Patient Demographics, there is a new section where you can enter the ordering provider information…. Continue Reading

MEDIA RELEASE: iPhone Has New Benefits for Health IT

The new iPhone 5s– and especially the new iOS 7 software that comes with it – has some new things to offer the healthcare industry. The one that’s gotten the most attention is the 5s’ home-button fingerprint sensor, which at first blush might appear to solve some of the more vexing privacy and security issues… Continue Reading

Can iCloud Help Healthcare, EHRs & EMRs?


iCloud is a service that Apple has just released. This product allows iPad, iPhone, iPod and mac users to sync data. So the main focus of this product is to allow users to sync music, documents, photos, calendars and apps across all devices, somewhat like dropbox. Dropboxs syncs data via folders. So how does this… Continue Reading

Medical App of the Week – Speak It!


Going forward I will be reviewing apps once a week. It takes time to find the great apps simple apps in the sea of apps that are out that are actually useful. My goal during these Medical App of the Week reviews are to “Make Doctors Entrepreneurs”, helping doctors, nurses and medical professionals learn about… Continue Reading

Food Dyes Debate Draws On

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This past week, an article was published in the New York Times entitled Artificial Dye Safe to Eat, Panel Says. In it, they argue that an expert panel has concluded that there is no proof that artificial food colorings cause hyperactivity in most children. This government panel further decided that there is no need for… Continue Reading

iPhone EHR Access

If you are a DrChrono subscriber and have an iPhone, download our iPhone app, it comes as part of the DrChrono service. You can download the iPhone EHR app here.