Medical Practice Chat Wall In Free iPad EHR

Our team will be releasing the first version of our EHR practice wall in the next version of our app, all chats will be posted to the practice wall. Doctors and staff will see a feed of “practice chatter” information. Doctors and staff will be able to chat with each other in real time through… Continue Reading

iPad Mounting System – Stuff for Your Medical Practice

Check out this amazing mount, you can place iPad’s anywhere in your practice without worry of them being misplaced. Get them from amazon here. Once we rollout our patient facing app for patient onboading you can think about where you want to put these!

Usability is the Most Important Factor for EHR Adoption


Why is anything successful? Because people like to use it. Usability drives the doctor to pick it up because they enjoy the interface. They enjoy how they are in the driver’s seat, and it’s why people generally enjoy driving a Porsche over a Ford Taurus. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter as much how important EHR’s are… Continue Reading

Food Dyes Debate Draws On

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This past week, an article was published in the New York Times entitled Artificial Dye Safe to Eat, Panel Says. In it, they argue that an expert panel has concluded that there is no proof that artificial food colorings cause hyperactivity in most children. This government panel further decided that there is no need for… Continue Reading

Perfect iPad 2 Case for Your Mobile EMR

Below is a great case that is coming out for the iPad 2 for your medical practice: Speck HandyShell This case is a very one hand friendly case, you can be looking at a patient and not worry about having to hold your iPad with both hands. You can use the flipout handle as a… Continue Reading

iPad 2 Review, is it good for mobile EMR EHR?


Check out this great review of the iPad 2 from Kevin C. Tofel from the GigaOm team. Looks like the iPad 2 beats out the Google Android tablets currently on the market: the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab in design. We are all impressed with the feel of the new design. While the iPad… Continue Reading

iPad EHR Medical Speech-to-Text


Yes! We now have medical speech-to-text on the iPad! The iPad can now be your secretary, typing out the words you speak! Words like “chief compliant” are converted to “CC”, we understand and convert what you say into medical terminology with amazing speed and accuracy. Katelyn is demoing the app in this video:

Interview / iPad EHR demo video during Health 2.0

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At the health 2.0 conference we did a live demo for showing off how an iPad EHR works in a physicians office. Great fun! Free iPad for doctors! DrChrono co-founders Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow show off their slick iPad App to me and Essinova audience. By the way, as you can see from… Continue Reading