Printing for an iPad EHR / iPad EMR

We are very happy to hear that the next version of iOS version iOS 4.2 will have printing available to iPad users. This is powerful because sometimes healthcare professionals want the power to print out charts, print a bill, x-Rays and well you get the idea. Appleā€™s iOS 4.2 is set for release sometime in… Continue Reading

View X-Rays, EKGs, Lab Results on iPad.

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We have release our advanced document management feature on the iPad. Physicians can now view uploaded paper charts, old hand written scripts, x-rays, lab results or just about anything a doctor wants on the iPad, Check out the new feature:

iPads Given To Stanford Medical Students


Boris who is part of the drchrono team graduated with his PhD from Stanford University. I always thought of Stanford as a great place for innovation, companies like Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Arts, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, and Google were founded by Stanford faculty and alumni. I found out that Stanford Medical Students are now handed… Continue Reading Featured on Pharma Marketing Talk Radio Co-Founders Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos were guests on the radio blog show Pharma Marketing Talk. Host John Mack asked about how and why doctors are using the iPad in the exam room.