Rise of the “Internet of Healthy Things”

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  drchrono’s COO, Daniel Kivatinos, writes an article for HIT consultant which delves in healthcare technology. He highlights how doctor-patient experience is greatly changing as technology becomes more internet dependent. One now has the ability to access and review their health data, save their data to the cloud, and message a provider via their smartphone or… Continue Reading

PRESS| USA TODAY|Healthcare Innovator Dilemma

America is facing a crisis. One that has the potential to bankrupt our country and compromise the well-being of our 300 million citizens. Unsurprisingly, I am talking about the state of our health care industry. Consider the fact that the Affordable Care Act represents the first real major reform in decades. Or look at the… Continue Reading


Lack of interoperability between the nurse and physician workflows in its electronic health record system was the reason Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas initially sent home Ebola patient Eric Duncan, according to the healthcare facility. And similar interoperability issues could threaten other healthcare organizations, industry executives caution. Despite telling a nurse he had recently traveled… Continue Reading

When Will Medical Professionals

Steve Jobs famously said that “laptops are like trucks. They’re going to be used by fewer and fewer people. This transition is going to make people uneasy.” Will this be true in healthcare? The evolution has been quick: We’ve gone from mainframes to mini computers to desktops and servers seemingly in the blink of an eye. Now… Continue Reading

drchrono + Yuri Milner

Next-generation sequencing has reached the “lift-off stage,” according to Yuri Milner. He’s not just saying that; he’s putting his money behind it. The famed tech investor is joining Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN) in committing to helping early-stage genomics companies as part of a new Mission Bay accelerator. Illumina said today it’s launching a program aimed at speeding up time-to-market and lowering barriers… Continue Reading

3 Things Doctors Should Know About Obamacare

Health care reform will bring about sweeping changes for physicians in 2014, when provisions in the Affordable Care Act – from insuring all Americans to rewarding providers for better care – go into effect. How physicians manage these changes will determine whether they can continue to be successful in the field. U.S. News turned to… Continue Reading

drchrono Offers Free Use of 1000 Digital Medical Forms

Mountain View, CA—drchrono inc., creator and distributor of an EHR iPad app, is making its entire library of approximately 1,000 digital medical forms available to physicians for free use in his or her practice. Physicians can search for medical forms by specialty and view how many fellow physicians have used or recommended each medical form. All medical… Continue Reading

MEDIA RELEASE: Take Your Health Records to the Cloud with drchrono

Waiting 20 minutes to see a doctor when you have a concern, only to have them spend 75 percent of that time reviewing your file, sucks. It’s not an effective use of your time as a patient or for the professional caregiver. Cloud technology has enabled more heath professionals to use electronic health records, or… Continue Reading

drchrono Offers OnPatient as an Option to Replace Google Health

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Google’s decision to discontinue Google Health will go into effect January 1st, 2013, permanently removing access for all existing Google Health users. drchrono, the company providing Free Electronic Health Records to physicians on the iPad, has created a seamless replacement for Google Health.  “We’re committed to the idea of giving patients control of their health… Continue Reading