drchrono can now Generate Superbills

After filling out ICD-9/CPT codes for a patient, a doctor can click on the “Print a Patient SuperBill” button in our software to have a basic superbill printed out for patients. This superbill has all of the doctors credentials and the patient’s credentials filled out along with the ICD-9-CM condition codes and CPT procedure codes…. Continue Reading

Health Insurance

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Here is some great information provided by CNCB on health insurance from the show On the Money. http://plus.cnbc.com/rssvideosearch/action/player/id/1125604653/code/cnbcplayershare 48 million Americans under the age of 65 lack health insurance. 1/3 of Americans spend part of year 2007 without health insurance. The last decade for premium employer sponsored health insurance rose 4x times as fast as… Continue Reading