Hail a Doctor: Consumer Health-On-Demand Apps

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Our COO, Daniel Kivatinos, was part of a Health 2.0 last week called “Fixing the Clinical User Experience”. His presentation was focused on a recent integration. While much of our work at drchrono focuses on providing doctors with a seamless EHR experience, we also recognize that patients are in charge of their health in ways… Continue Reading

Prescribing eHealth for Your Patients

I recently attended the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C. and it was yet another example that physicians are still missing from key conversations. Last week it was New York eHealth Collaborative Conference, previously Connected Health Symposium in Boston … Health 2.0 in San Francisco. Why aren’t physicians attending these conferences? The techies and start-up health company founders were… Continue Reading

Facebook EHR / EMR Schedule


At drchrono we are passionate about teaching our providers how to use social media to advance their new patient acquisition. There are tons of mediums out there that can provide free advertising for your practice including: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Groupon. Every month we are going to fire off one of these blog posts with… Continue Reading

The Digitization of Medicine


The US healthcare system needs change. There are two waves of change that are making this a reality. First, the government is pushing doctors to go digital, injecting over 19 billion dollars in incentives to doctors push doctors to go digital. Doctors will start receiving this government incentive money starting this Fall. The government is… Continue Reading

Interview / iPad EHR demo video during Health 2.0

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At the health 2.0 conference we did a live demo for Essinova.com showing off how an iPad EHR works in a physicians office. Great fun! Free iPad for doctors! DrChrono co-founders Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow show off their slick iPad App to me and Essinova audience. By the way, as you can see from… Continue Reading

Health 2.0 Conference iPad Winner

We had an interactive raffle at the Health 2.0 conference this Oct 2010 in San Francisco. Lots of people entered to win the free iPad 3G. It was amazing how much a fun game can take off and get people involved. We gave out two cards with the same number to totally random people from… Continue Reading

drchrono iPad EMR Makes Top Charts in iTunes

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We have made it to the top charts in iTunes. You can find us in the iPad Medical Category! Daniel Kivatinos Daniel is co-founder and COO of drchrono. Daniel is a designer, software engineer and entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. More articles from Daniel can be found here.  

Reflections from “Health 2.0 in the Doctor’s Office”

This is a repost from “The Health Care Blog“. By William Sellman, M.D., MBA Will Sellmann has commented on a couple of panels at Health 2.0 and been very prescient. Now he’s spent a bit of time to pen his reflections on what happened in Health 2.0 in the Doctor’s Office, which was held late… Continue Reading

drchrono shows their iPad chops

By Matthew Holt This is a repost from “The Health Care Blog“. The guys from drchrono have come a long way since we saw them first just last summer. They have a SaaS based practice management system, but at Health 2.0 at the Doctor’s Office they introduced an iPad-based tool for physicians. Here’s a quick… Continue Reading

NY Data Stories Digital Insights & Analytics

February 16th, 2010 Michael and Daniel had the honor of giving a talk about data in healthcare at the NY Data Stories Digital Insights & Analytics meetup. Daniel Kivatinos Daniel is co-founder and COO of drchrono. Daniel is a designer, software engineer and entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. More articles from Daniel can be found… Continue Reading