Free iPad EHR & iPhone EHR Used Across The World

iPhone app downloads are heating up around the world, not just America. Take a look at this heat map from a distmio report about downloads. Super interesting stuff! America, Asia and Europe seem to be the biggest iPhone app users. I wonder what how many of these apps are health related? One interesting thing to… Continue Reading

Medical Practice Chat Wall In Free iPad EHR

Our team will be releasing the first version of our EHR practice wall in the next version of our app, all chats will be posted to the practice wall. Doctors and staff will see a feed of “practice chatter” information. Doctors and staff will be able to chat with each other in real time through… Continue Reading

iPad Mounting System – Stuff for Your Medical Practice

Check out this amazing mount, you can place iPad’s anywhere in your practice without worry of them being misplaced. Get them from amazon here. Once we rollout our patient facing app for patient onboading you can think about where you want to put these!

iPad 1 vs iPad 2 / Doctor Healthcare Use Cases

The iPad 2 performance is faster that the iPad 1. Factors that make it faster are that the iPad 2 has more RAM and a faster processor. This speed difference can be seen in the Safari. Below is a video showing off the two iPads speeds via WiFi and their speed. You can see here… Continue Reading

Perfect iPad 2 Case for Your Mobile EMR

Below is a great case that is coming out for the iPad 2 for your medical practice: Speck HandyShell This case is a very one hand friendly case, you can be looking at a patient and not worry about having to hold your iPad with both hands. You can use the flipout handle as a… Continue Reading

iPad 2 vs Windows PC vs Android on Mobile Health

The iPad 2 is sold out, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster and his team, which surveyed Apple retail stores over the weekend. Munster estimates Apple sold 400,000 to 500,000 iPad 2s, which would mean the device has fared better than the original iPad, 300,000 of which were sold in its opening weekend. How… Continue Reading

iPad 2 Review, is it good for mobile EMR EHR?


Check out this great review of the iPad 2 from Kevin C. Tofel from the GigaOm team. Looks like the iPad 2 beats out the Google Android tablets currently on the market: the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab in design. We are all impressed with the feel of the new design. While the iPad… Continue Reading