drchrono Launches API, Provides Developers Healthcare Industry Entry

drchrono, a leading cloud and web based Electronic Health Record (EHR) access platform provider, has just announced the launch of the drchrono API which will allow developers to create applications that enhance the drchrono platform as well as create third-party healthcare industry applications. The drchrono platform was originally created to remind patients about their appointments…. Continue Reading

drchrono Brings iPad Based Medical Records to Doctors

A new start-up, drchono, seeks to bring the ease of use and fun of iPads to doctors offices. drchrono provides an iPad-based digital health records system that doctors can use to manage their records and interact with patients. Besides a freemium-based iPad application, the service includes a patient website for patients to access their health records… Continue Reading

drchrono is building a health care revolution on the iPad

“There are certain times in your life when you know it’s the right move to do something. Health care has always seemed like it’s just not there with technology; it always felt backwards. I believe health care should be as seamless as this: If you’re hurt while skiing in Colorado, doctors should be able to… Continue Reading