New Feature: Device Management for EPCS VIP Access

Updates to the drchrono EHR VIP Access Integration With this new update the Norton VIP Access integration has been improved with flexibility upgrades. Now, the drchrono EHR is integrated with the Norton VIP Access Device Manager, allowing you to: Set multiple devices for EPCS code generation Providing contingency options for losing your device With this update,… Continue Reading

Healthcare API Update


Thank you for your continuous support of our API! We’ve been hard at work building the most robust API in healthcare and we’re excited to announce our latest version – v2016_06. We’ve learned a lot about how people use the API, and this new version introduces some new features and efficiencies that we’re happy to… Continue Reading

New Feature: Upgrades to the iOS Pharmacy Search

Simultaneously Searching for Pharmacy Name and Zip Code In the drchrono EHR/EMR application, you may send patient prescriptions electronically to pharmacies. Prior to this update, the pharmacy search box could only search for pharmacy name or zip code, but not both at once. With this new release, the user interface has been simplified. The zip… Continue Reading

Internet Tips Using a Cloud EHR

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Any cloud based medical application needs access to the Internet. drchrono is a cloud based medical records platform and needs access to the Internet. Depending on the type of Internet connection you currently have, your internet connection can vary drastically. I recommend having your primary internet connection, something very fast above the average internet connection…. Continue Reading

Hot Dog Buns and Health Records

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The next time you’re at Costco ogling flat screens and buying a pallet of paper towels, you may also be surprised to learn that Costco members are now eligible to receive incentive pricing on a Costco-branded cloud-based electronic medical record. During my maiden voyage to Costco after arriving in the Bay Area,  I saw a… Continue Reading

Do you know your EHR’s uptime? You should.

Depending on the EHR you go with it is important to know when your EHR is up. If you go with drchrono or some other vendor make sure that servers is up at least 99% of the time. Demand that your EHR share this information with you in some format. Click here to see drchrono’s… Continue Reading

drchrono is building a health care revolution on the iPad

“There are certain times in your life when you know it’s the right move to do something. Health care has always seemed like it’s just not there with technology; it always felt backwards. I believe health care should be as seamless as this: If you’re hurt while skiing in Colorado, doctors should be able to… Continue Reading