Stethoscope Replaced With Mobile Ultrasound


Ever want to check out your patient’s heart valves at bedside, in the hallway, or at the nurse’s station? Even check out a friend’s heart valves at a cocktail party? Well, that may be going overboard, but at least you would know you could if you wanted to.

These mobile ultrasound devices, at the size of a cellular phone, can dramatically improve health care delivery, patient education (because you can show them what’s going on in real time), and health care costs.

You can also view heart musculature, rhythm, and blood flow. Hello future, it’s nice to meet you. Bye stethoscopes, it was nice knowing you.

3 thoughts on “Stethoscope Replaced With Mobile Ultrasound

  1. This is true but a quick, “better than a stethescope exam” can turn into an inferior ultrasound . Forget billing, how about the lawyer finding out you did a bedside ultrasound for something not indicated by FDA or you missed something. I am a technology freak and love these gadgets but in the wrong hands, yikes!!

    • That’s a good point, and definitely worth noting. The user of the mobile stethoscope must be aware of the device’s limitations, just as we are aware of the limitations of the classical stethoscope.

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