Step out of the box: Future of medical practices

Advancing technology today has provided health care professionals an ultimate solution: ‘electronic prescribing.’ This resolves many errors that are susceptible to outdated practices such as faxing, handwriting paper scripts, and phone calls.

In conventional practices of medicine, healthcare professionals had to prescribe a medication via writing a paper script, calling a pharmacy preferred by their patient, or physically faxing the prescription to the desired pharmacy. However, using paper scripts can cause prescription errors that have fatal consequences.

As we all know, health professionals have been known to have difficult to read hand writing. Plus, pharmacists are not decoders or translators. As a result, pharmacists either fill the prescription incorrectly or do not fill the prescription at all. Therefore, the physician must always be available to confirm the prescription. The patient might have to wait days for a critical medication.

Can you believe that there are over 3 billion prescriptions written each year in the U.S?

Since there are so many prescriptions being written, physicians are constantly searching for solutions to provide quality and better service while ensuring patients’ safety. Currently, e-prescribing is the only smart solution, and more providers are adapting to it. E-prescribing allows providers to see results, findings and opinions much faster and easier.

Let’s look at all the benefits. E-prescribing:

  • Enables medical providers through a laptop or an iPad or an iPhone, to write prescriptions and send them instantly and electronically to pharmacies they desire.
  • Improves patient convenience
  • Saves more time and money
  • Pharmacists can initiate a renewal or re-fill request.
  • Both pharmacists and doctors can accelerate the processing of the prescription.

In our next series, find out how you can e-prescribe through using drchrono EHR/EMR.

Charla Tekin, Implementation Specialist, drchronoArticle by Charla Tekin, Implementation Specialist, drchrono

Charla produces product content as part of the Customer Success team at drchrono. She has been working in healthcare and technology since 2006 with a focus on medical sciences and healthcare management. Charla holds a B.S. in Medical Sciences and Masters in Science Management from University of Technology Sydney (UTS).



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