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DrChrono has been up to a lot these last few months including our anniversary, and we are happy to bring another edition of our Pulse newsletter to get you up to speed. On top of our anniversary happening in June we recently went to Florida for a chiro conference, we’ve visited two of our customers for new video testimonials and case studies and we’ve added new episodes to our podcast channel! Check out our updates below.

Happy anniversary DrChrono!

Our 9th anniversary passed on June 26th, 2018! This last year has been full of big milestones, such as passing our 100th team member, moving offices to our Sunnyvale location and even bringing on some new dogs to the office! Please welcome Ponyo (left) and Marcy (right) to the team!




Getting hands on with chiropractors at FCA in Florida

In August we went to Florida for the Florida Chiropractic Association (FCA) Conference in Orlando. It was a three day chiro conference and it was an active three days. It was our team’s first time attending and we were not short of questions as interest grows for mobile EHRs for chiropractors.

We have more than a few chiro customers in Florida, many of whom dropped by our booth to chat about upcoming news and things they’ve been excited about since switching to DrChrono.

Alexander Frank and Toni Groh from Florida Functional Neurology Group, who have been customers of DrChrono since the beginning of 2017. They came over to talk about the newest updates from our recent product newsletter, and at the end of it they still stand by DrChrono, saying that although there’s a lot of stuff out there that still needs to be done in terms of EHR, they still think we’re the best there is.

Michael McPherson came with the rest of his team from My Spine and Joint Practice and they joined us earlier this year with almost no hiccups during the onboarding process, and they were excited to tell us how easy things have been after going paperless.

Another discussion that was memorable was Aaron’s discussion with prospective practice owner Dr. Debra Jackson of Pensacola, FL. She was talking about starting a practice very soon, and she is well into discussion with our sales team to make DrChrono a part of that new practice!


Florida had a lot of cool things for the team to do in between conference days. Right across the street from the venue the team checked out a place called Cuba Libre, where they are known for their 90 different brands of rum and Salsa every night. And our Marketing Manager Richard was able to show off his swing at their recently built Topgolf course!


Zumedic makes mobile medicine possible, Modern Foot and Ankle Gets a Sure Footing

We never have a shortage of providers maximizing their practices through DrChrono’s tools, whether it’s effectively managing scheduling and no shows or utilizing our RCM services to get every penny earned without additional effort. While in Florida we had the chance to visit a couple of our all star practices, Zumedic and Modern Foot and Ankle.

At Zumedic we spoke to Bob Rahmanian, DO and Jim Liu, MD, who were one of many practices trying to make mobile medicine work. In 2016 the two of them started initially in servicing post-acute care patients in nursing facilities. Over the last couple years they’ve achieved huge growth into more sectors of mobile medicine such as rehabilitation, assisted-living, and independent-living facilities, and now in 2018 serve 12 facilities with 7 advanced practitioners, with no sign of stopping.


After talking to them it became clear that something many mobile medicine practices can’t seem to master is the financial leg of the practice. With DrChrono Zumedic was able to easily manage all claims for all kinds of services, which ultimately kept them in an exceptional position financially for the past couple years. We’re excited to publish our video testimonial about their practice, thank you Bob and Jim for giving us a tour of the place and we can’t wait to see where you’ll be in the next couple years!

We also gave Modern Foot and Ankle a visit while we were in Florida, a 2 doctor podiatry group started by a Dr. Adam and Lindsay Siegel from a recent merger in 2017.


When they merged their workflows they quickly found differences in their practices, one being how revenue was collected. As the practice quickly scaled they had to find a solution for discrepancies in their reporting, and DrChrono provided Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services that ultimately resolved their issues through automating all coding, insurance eligibility checks and managing the entire claims process to allow the doctors to manage the ever growing volume of patients they were getting.

When they are finished you can find our video testimonials and case studies on our resources page here.


New Podcasts – DrChrono partners reveals their secret sauce

The last few months we have released several new episodes on our DrChrono Podcast channel, which you can find here. Listen to our podcasts and get a walkthrough of a few of our popular partners on what they do and how they work well for DrChrono providers. Here is some information about just a couple of the partners we have featured on our channel.  

Episode 23: Stitch Health CEO Talks About Communication in Healthcare

Released: Aug 22, 2018

In this episode we speak with Bharat Kilaru who is the co-founder and CEO of Stitch Health. His company has been backed by Y Combinator and Benchmark Capital. Stitch is a patient engagement platform that delivers a simple to use messaging service for healthcare practices to communicate internally with team members and externally with patients. Bharat shares his views on the importance of communication in business and healthcare.

Listen to Podcast

Episode 21: Orthopedic Surgeon Justin Saliman Talks About Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs)

Released: Aug 04, 2018

Justin Saliman from OutcomeMD joins the podcast to talk about his company and why an Orthopedic Surgeon decided to start their own business. Join us and discover how technology can be used to build a modern medical practice with OutcomeMD and DrChrono. A podcast from Oleg Koujikov from DrChrono. Learn more about apps on the DrChrono App Directory,

Listen to Podcast

Tip of the Day

Multitasking can now be used with any DrChrono apps on iPad. With multitasking you can view additional resources side by side without interrupting your workflow. While scheduling follow up appointments for patients you can have the OnPatient app open to see if you received any messages pertinent to scheduling, or you can have your email open copy and paste over any email text you’d like to include in your charting. Another great use of Multitasking is having other partner apps open for reference, like having Physitrack’s app open to have a better idea of what exercises to prescribe your patient for when they are out of the office.

Have you already been using Multitasking for iPad? Let us know with a comment below how you’ve been able to increase productivity with this new feature!


Trizetto helps you get control of your billing







Trizetto is one of our clearinghouse partners for filing claims and getting providers paid. On September 12th they will be having a webinar on medical billing best practices with guest speaker Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, FACMPE. Healthcare business consultant and industry leader Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan takes a deep dive into data to ensure you are relying on the right metrics and calculations to achieve accurate reporting and protect the financial health of your practice. In this webinar you can expect to learn about:

  • Understand how data can be easily gamed and modified, creating inaccurate financials and misunderstandings regarding revenue cycle optimization.
  • Learn best practice performance outcomes for key billing processes.

The webinar will be happening tomorrow, September 12th, 10AM-11AM PST, or 12-1PM CST. Follow this link to register and we’ll see you there!

Have you had a chance to try out DrChrono? Set up a demo with our product specialists below and see for yourself how powerful and customizable our platform can be for your practice.

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