September 2014: New Features List


Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements: 

  • Scheduling:
    • Doctor View: A new view, “doctor”, has been added on the calendar where customers can view all the appointments scheduled by doctors in the office. This benefits multiple provider practice groups. 
    • A new feature allows a provider to archive an exam room from the calendar.  
    • A new column has been added to show which exam room an appointment is scheduled in. 
  • Clinical:
    • A new enhancement allows a provider to delete an imaging order.
    • In the SOAP notes, providers now have the ability to add headers and sub-headers to create subsections within the template. 
    • Clinical notes now have the ability to be increased or decreased in size. 
    • eRx: 
      • Providers using the Hippocrates plan and above now have access to eRx profiles, which allow providers to group two or more of their favorite prescriptions to prescribe to a patient with a single click. 
      • Providers now have the ability to set up and remove a default pharmacy. 
      • Customers can set “ordered status” in medications on the iPad. 
  • Billing: Providers can now set an option, “Diagnosis Pick List”, which copies codes from the problem list for similar appointments.  
    • Customers now have an option to print the billing detail screen, which aids in appealing a claim to insurance for timely filing denial, since our billing log has the claim submission date.
    • Customers can auto copy the ICD 9 codes automatically from the problem list to their new appointments. 
    • Enhancement: Customers can reorder billing profiles. 
    • Customers can have a different office name for scheduling purpose and for billing (HCFA) now. 
    • If the costumer doesn’t want our system to send PRNT claims from our system. Thenyou can disable the feature from the Edit customer screen.
    • A new column has been added, “Expected Reimbursement” to find out expected payments from a patients insurance for each visit. 
    • Timely Filing Tracker: Customers can now set a filing time limit for each insurance claim. The system will automatically show a warning starting 7 days prior to the filing limit expiry date.
    • Statement Due Date: A new field has been added in the patient statement to display the due date on the statement. If the statement crosses the due date, the system will display a warning message on the live claims feed.
    • Patient Statements: For patient statements, customers can now find out who generated statements by username. 
    • Supervising Provider Claims:  Providers now have the ability to select a supervising provider within a practice group to submit claims. There also is an option that allows a provider to “clone” the billing detail screen to copy an appointment with billing information to another provider. 

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