Do You Have Schedule II through Schedule V Controlled Substances on iOS?

Do You Have Schedule II through Schedule V Controlled Substances on iOS?

This is a question every physician should be asking when deciding on an EHR.

Schedule II drugs are the highest level of drugs legally prescribable and drchrono is the only native iOS (iPad and iPhone) app that has been certified to prescribe drugs via iPad and iPhone for Schedule II-Schedule V controlled substances.

States are pushing to digitize prescriptions so there is a BIG effort around moving towards having physicians order medications in a trackable way, doing it digitally only makes sense. States like NY are making it required, they don’t want paper prescriptions.

In terms of schedule listing of drugs, this is the list from the DEA’s own site of drugs –

From Surescripts site, we were certified by InfoGuard for EPCS. –

Some background, Electronic prescribing was legalized for Schedule II through V Controlled Substances at the national level in 2010 by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The Question to Ask Yourself

There are other vendors who do ePrescribing but they don’t have Schedule II-Schedule V on iPad and iPhone like drchrono natively on iOS. We focus on iOS in addition to the web.

Our EHR has always been designed to be mobile so building natively only made sense, we focus heavily on iOS for physicians so we’re not starting out like many legacy EHRs who are trying to adapt and retrofit an app to a mobile device.


Many vendors have websites and are pushing for the responsive website experience. These vendors can’t take advantage of the native features like Force Touch, Apple Pay, Touch ID, leveraging the camera, and aren’t looking at how Apple Pencil is going to change the world. Physicians should still be able to simply write something down in a patient’s chart and Apple Pencil allows this through iPad Pro.
Ever use Facebook on iOS’s Safari? It is ok BUT it is way better through the native Facebook iOS app, think of medical records the same way, yes a responsive website is ok, but it isn’t designed for tapping with your fingers, it is designed for clicking with a mouse.

Daniel KivatinosArticle by Daniel Kivatinos, COO and cofounder, drchrono

Daniel drives direction, brand vision, and business strategy for drchrono. Daniel’s focus has been in the technology space since 2001, as a software engineer and entrepreneur. Daniel holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Computer Science & Psychology from Stony Brook University.

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