Reflections on Haiti

As you search and rummage through the blogosphere, you will no doubt find the dialogue abundant when it comes to EHR technology. Much of it focuses on the complexities facing our health care system in America, and how EHR vendors can best conform to meet these needs. Amidst this chaos, we can easily forget how lucky we are to have EHR’s in the first place.  Most people would peg Haiti as one of the last countries to ever acquire a mobile EHR, but drchrono disagreed. So, we decided to do something about it and donate our product to those who need it most.

My time in rural Haiti earlier this month was marked by a variety of special moments. First of all, the people are warm, sincere, inviting, spiritual, and strong. The earthquake did not shake their collective individual walls. You can see for yourself in the video post below this one…

On the one year anniversary, I was seeing patients in the rural county of Camatin while some of my teammates traveled to Leogane to pay reverence. They told me of how the day started with insufferable mourning, and then progressed to jubilation as the songs transitioned from somber to joyous. The Haitian people experienced tragedy on January 12th, 2010, but their resiliency expressed itself when many amputees formed a procession and paraded down the street with pride as part of the celebration of their bright future…

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