Refer Physician Colleagues



We now have a referral program!

As a drchrono member, you are eligible to earn one free month of drchrono service* or a $100 gift card when you refer another clinic and they become a drchrono customer.

*Valid for up to $250 of monthly drchrono services per referral and up to 12 referred clinics per year. Referred clinic must remain a drchrono customer for a minimum of 3 months.

Step 1.

Recommend drchrono to your colleagues.

Step 2.

Put your colleagues information into the form on the right.

Step 3.

When they purchase drchrono, you get a free month of service!

2 thoughts on “Refer Physician Colleagues

  1. by customer, this means paying user, right? I have referred a user that set up a free account, and he is contemplating subscribing as a paying user. The referral fee is credited once the user starts a paid subscription?

    • Yes the referred would have to become a paying user for several months then we will apply the credit. Talk to your original sales person about the person you referred and they can look into if they are a paying user now and for how long.

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