New Features: November Product Updates

At DrChrono we aim to provide frequent updates because we know provider needs continue to grow as well. This last month we have been hard at work on many features, and we are excited to announce some new features in this month’s edition of our product newsletter.

Here’s what’s included in this month’s product update:

  • Face ID – Enhanced security on iPad Pro, now compatible with DrChrono EHR
  • Outcomes tracking and exercise prescription – experience all new features to help patients outside of the office
  • California Worker’s Compensation compatibility – submit your entire workers comp claims digitally through DrChrono
  • Day Sheet updates – patient payments are now being calculated via allocation instead of creation

Face ID for iPad Pro – Now for DrChrono EHR

As you may already know, the 7th Generation iPad Pro was recently released and first shipments began going out this month. We are committed to providing our doctors the best mobile EHR in healthcare and continuing to match Apple’s new technology innovations can help us achieve that. Providers now have added security with the same seamless user experience from iPhone to iPad, and they are able to use Face ID in portrait or landscape view.

Outcomes tracking and exercise prescription

DrChrono now has powerful features that will enable you to continue providing quality care after patients have left your clinic.


Exercise prescription tools will allow you to give your patients care plans with exercises that can come with videos. In the same platform you will be able to send surveys or questionnaires to track outcomes of these care plans for each patient. Other premium features can allow you to send these videos through telehealth visits and get advanced analytics on your patients as whole. Being able to provide detailed care plans with high quality exercise videos improve medical adherence which ultimately can help the patients get better faster.

Worker’s Compensation claims for California can now be completely done in DrChrono

In California worker’s compensation claims have an extremely high scrutiny and requires careful review and submission to get maximum reimbursements. We’ve made it even easier for our providers to submit with the ability to submit digital Evaluation 5021 Rev 5, PR2, PR4, and RFA forms along with your clinical note in one streamlined workflow.

After your account is enabled to submit claims to our new clearinghouse partner Jopari, you will see in the “Additional” tab on the left at the bottom the four forms specifically for CA Worker’s comp.


You can select one or multiple of the forms to be included in your note, and when you select them the system will auto populate as many fields as possible. Simply lookover and fill out the remaining fields, and complete your note. The entire claim will be submitted as an attachment to Jopari and it will follow the typical claims process.

With this update we hope to further enable our providers to earn more reimbursements for Worker’s Comp claims.

Day Sheet update

In the billing tab of DrChrono you have a Day Sheet feature that provides at a glance information on a given date range in terms of revenue and how much of it was through reimbursement or patient payments and more. We have updated how the patient payments have been calculated so that it now shows the amount based on payment allocation. This means whichever provider was assigned to the appointment that received a patient payment will see that amount in their day sheet dashboard and patient payments tab as a line item. We think this will greatly improve your high level view on your day’s finances.

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