December Product Newsletter

Our December update allows you to set push notifications on iOS, utilize the message center on the iPhone app, and more.

Alerts on iOS

With our new push notifications feature for iOS, you can get alerts on your iPhone and iPad for incoming messages, faxes, lab results, eRx refill requests, task updates, appointment cancellations/rescheduling, referrals, and patient check-in. Turn individual notifications on/off in Account > Settings > Push Notifications.

Message Center on iPhone

Message Center is now available on iPhone. This update allows you to quickly and easily view your messages and lab results from the palm of your hand. Please note that eRx refill capability for the iPhone will be added back in a future version.

Updated Patient Information Section

The Patient Information section (Start Visit > Patient) during a visit is now updated with the same format as the Patient Information Popup on iOS. You can still edit patient information via the popup window.

Previous Appointments Section on iOS

With this update, you can view up to 5 previous appointments directly from a patient’s chart on the iPhone or iPad. Turn this feature on in “Appointment Detail View” settings if you would like to use it. Otherwise, it is in off mode by default.

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