DrChrono-QueueDr Shows How APIs Will Transform Healthcare

QueueDr is an application that automatically fills canceled appointments in less than a minute without any action required by physician staff or any downloads by patients. When an office cancels an appointment, QueueDr automatically sorts through a list of patients, selecting a very small group from the list. The application then sends a text to each patient to offer the canceled appointment. The first patient to text back gets to take the canceled appointment and see the doctor on an earlier date.

Launched on the drchrono platform a little over a month ago, QueueDr is an application that relies heavily on APIs. APIs also allow QueueDr to be seamlessly integrated with the top electronic health record systems as well as legacy EHR systems. The company is very particular about the EHRs the application is integrated with, however.”
The original article can be read on ProgrammableWeb.

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