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MGMA18 in Boston, MA – Conference Wrap Up

As you may know this last week MGMA hosted their annual conference in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Exhibition and Conference Center. Our team had a booth in both the “Product Sneak Peek” area as well as on the Exhibit Floor, ready with iPads in hand to field questions about our latest DrChrono products.

The Exhibit Hall was open for three days, with thousands of attendees consisting of Medical Directors, Administrators, Executives, and doctors of virtually all medical specialties with practices as small as solo to hospital size.  

One of our customers, Happy Hayes from Smalling Vascular Institute, has been using us for a couple years now and we were happy to hear how well she has come to know our product! Thanks for stopping by the booth Happy.


Additional shout outs to Veeral from Spark Sleep (left) and Thomas Gearhart from Colorado Springs Foot and Ankle (right) for catching us outside and speaking to us at the booth, we look forward to hearing more from both of you about your practices!

On Monday, we hosted an MGMA event named Orthopedics Happy Hour Discussion, where we had our head of RCM Axel Perez speak, as well as one of our most inspirational customers Jim Griffin, President of Direct Ortho Care who has exemplified what modern medicine should be with the help of DrChrono’s powerful mobile platform. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for drinks and discussion, see you all next year!

As the conference started winding down our team took some time to relax and enjoy a great dinner at Legal Harborside with our guest speaker, Jim Griffin. It was great hearing about DOC’s success and how DrChrono has been a vital part of the operation. Thank you again Jim Griffin for coming with us to MGMA, as well as everything else you’ve done with us! We can’t wait to see you again!

Did you miss us at MGMA18? Don’t worry, we’ll be at MGMA in New Orleans next year, and we we’re always more than happy to jump on a phone call to see how we can help your practice. Contact us here for any questions about our product.

New and upcoming resources

Range Urgent Care – Case Study 2 of 3 – Recreating the urgent care experience

Range Urgent Care was started by two doctors Stephanie and Mathew Trowbridge with the goal in mind of streamlining Urgent Care with a patient centric welcoming experience coupled with a flat rate for services. There are several factors that make urgent care a unique specialty for healthcare to address: high patient volumes, lots of unique visits, or lots of first time visitors to name a few.

To combat these common issues Range Urgent Care utilized DrChrono’s powerful platform to optimize the waiting room and check in process, as well as to remind patients about appointments, reducing no shows and maximizing their availabilities. See below how Range Urgent Care disproves common misconceptions of urgent care practices in our new case study below.

Read More

This is case study #2 in a series of 3 for Range Urgent Care. Check out the first one here, and stay tuned for the final edition next month!

Direct Ortho Care – Raising the bar for patients and providers by digitizing your EHR



President Jim Griffin of Direct Ortho Care, also known as DOC, has been spearheading DOC efforts to provide essentially an equivalent service for orthopedic care similar to urgent care, where patients can simply walk in and see a doctor immediately for their orthopedic needs, without needing to go to a primary care physician for a preliminary referral.

Since switching to DrChrono Jim has been a strong advocate for us, attributing much of DOC’s success to helping their unique practice model prosper, and even recently joined us for a talk at MGMA18 in Boston this last week. With the help of DrChrono Jim has been able to take DOC above and beyond, opening up 9 locations in just the last few years, with expectations of adding up to 16 more locations in just the next 12 months!

See how digitizing your EHR can be one of the most powerful decisions you can make for your practice, check out the case study below and stay tuned for our upcoming video!

<<DOC case study>>

Want to see what he presented at MGMA18? Click here.

Tip of the Day – OnPatient Patient Portal

Our tip in this month’s pulse newsletter is a powerful tool for both the provider as well as the patient. A patient portal acts as a resource hub for your patients when you are not available and they don’t have time to come into the office.

In OnPatient you can provide your patients with any medical resources they have received from you or medical records for their personal reference. They can also have private conversations with you through the “Messages” tab, and your patients can also benefit from online scheduling with you, and online check in to avoid waiting to be seen when they get into the office. Plus, our entire OnPatient portal is HIPAA compliant.

Not only is the patient portal a great tool, having a patient portal gives you the unexpected benefit of better reporting for your MIPS/MACRA score. In 2018, more than half of ACI measures alone can be achievable through patient portal features, and you can also get assistance with reporting for all the other categories of MIPS (Quality, IA, and Cost).

Providers can find out more about OnPatient through this video here. Getting your patients started with OnPatient is easy, simply click this button in the appointment view from the calendar to send them an email invite.

Clearinghouse 101 – Trizetto co-hosted webinar – November 7th, 12 PM PST

Trizetto is one of our clearinghouse partners and frequently holds webinars to help educate providers on medical billing / revenue cycle management (RCM) for their practices. In November we will be co-hosting a webinar with Trizetto titled Clearinghouse 101, where we will be going over an advanced strategy of automating your transactions on top of your claim submissions for an even more automated billing workflow.



Join guest speaker Angie Rindeer, National Account Executive of Trizetto and Mursal Sayed, a Revenue Cycle Manager at DrChrono November 7th, 2018 at 12PM PST to find out more!


Register Here.

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