See what’s new in DrChrono – October Product Updates

We’re always excited to bring new updates to you frequently. In this month’s edition we will be covering:

  • ICD10 code update for 2019
  • Document upload management for web – document upload tool for scanning and assigning media in bulk
  • Live claims feed updates – experience a boost in performance when looking at your claims data.
  • Multiple signatures allowed in consent forms

ICD10 code update for 2019

As of October 1st, 2018, the ICD10-CM codes for 2019 have become available, and are available to be used in DrChrono EHR. The code changes were comprehensive, consisting of 279 new codes, 143 revised codes and 51 deactivated codes.

In order to allow for last year’s claims to be processed, we have maintained the 2018 ICD10 codes in the system. When you are pulling codes into your charts now you will see a note “Removed since 2018-10-02” under codes that are not part of the ICD10-CM 2019 code library.

If you’re interested in additional details about the update, check out the resources below.

NCHS Resource Page

CMS Resource Page

Document Management Portal for Web

For getting documents migrated into the EHR the previous workflow consisted of going into each individual patient chart and uploading the necessary documents. Our new bulk upload portal expedites this entire document upload process substantially and helps reduce the friction involved with transitioning to a paperless workflow.

In this document upload management screen, you are able to click and drag or browse for files to drop into your EHR.

Once they are submitted for upload, they enter a staging area “Pending Files,” where you can assign the files to one or more patients, update any descriptions, add any tags, preview the files, or make any other minor adjustments before it gets moved to the “Completed Files” tab.


Improved billing experience – Enhanced live claims feed

This live claims feed allows visibility for practices on their claims from any date range, with multiple filters such as for what office or which provider. We have implemented a couple changes to improve performance for our users.

The dashboard will now have a new “Calculate Counts” button in blue, where users can pick their own desired date range and the total claims count will now be part of the status drop down filter, in gray. With this feature users can select a desired date range instead of automatically pulling a year report for claims. Users will now also have a default date range of one month instead of a year, and a page counter in the top right to provide more information on the report being pulled.

Overall we believe these will improve the user experience and boost performance for the Live Claims Feed dashboard.  

All of these changes can be done in bulk, and can be updated even after the file has been sent to the “Completed Files” tab.


Multiple signatures on any forms in DrChrono EHR

This feature has been out for a while but many people have still not taken advantage of it. In DrChrono EHR we’ve allowed our consent forms to accept multiple signatures. There are many areas where this feature will be available:

  • Signing clinical note template sections during a visit
  • Signing prescriptions for printing
  • Signing faxes, inbound and outbound
  • Signatures while copying documents to your patient’s chart from the message center

You can save signatures of providers or patients and use them by selecting them in drop down menus in the signature window. This can be very useful for procedural forms that require a witness signature, or multispecialty forms that require signatures from the various providers involved with the patient, and more.

Refer to our previous post that goes more in-depth about this feature.

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