November 2019 Product Newsletter

This November, you can explore the redesigned “Assessment & Billing” section on the iPad, utilize new form badges on the iPhone, and more.

Redesigned Assessment & Billing Section on iPad

The “Assessment” and “Billing” sections on the iPad application are redesigned to help you navigate more easily. For example, simply search ICD-10 Codes by clicking the “+” on the right-hand side. Explore the new design on your iPad today.

New Medical Form Labeling Options on iPhone

New form label options have been added to the medical form list on the iPhone app. Label forms by using the “Default”, “Persistent” & “Excluded” badges.

Auto “No Known Problems” Removal in Assessments

In this update, adding a new problem onto a patient’s assessment will now automatically remove “No Known Problems” if it was marked previously.

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