New Features & Enhancements for September


  • Customizable Colors
    • You can customize your appointment screen, appointment profiles and patient flags with more than 25 colors.

Color picker enhancement

  • Face Sheet
    • Our Face Sheet displays the patient’s condition, medication, allergies, recent vitals, lab results and family history all in one screen.


  • Adding Amendments to a Note
    • You can add an additional note or amendment to the clinical note without locking or unlocking your clinical notes.

Add Amendments to the note


  • Pharmacy Benefits
    • You can view pharmacy benefits under the patient demographics eligibility tab which shows you whether patient coverage is active and the specific copay amount for each prescription.

Pharmacy Benefits

  • Drug Formularies
    • Our system is automatically loaded with the drug formulary list from Surescripts. When sending an eRx, our system will automatically check whether the medication is available and if not, it will show an alternative available medication.

Drug Formularies

  • Medication Reconciliation
    • You can choose to synchronize our system with Surescripts to retreive patient’s past prescribed medications and also add the medication to the patient’s medication list.
  • Export Patient Payments
    • You can export all the patient payments in .CSV format and print the receipt for multiple payments in a single .PDF file.

Export_Print Patient payments_Receipt


  • ICD-10 Ready
  • Delete Billing Code Warnings
    • You will receive a warning message on the iPad when you are trying to delete a CPT or HCPCS code for which an insurance payment is already posted.


  • Logo on Fax Cover Sheet
    • You can include your business logo on the fax coversheet.

Display logo on Fax Coversheet


  • Billing Codes & Insurance Information in Referral
    • When sending out a referral letter for a patient from your message center, you can enter the appropriate billing codes and patient’s insurance information.

Include Billings codes & Insurance information in the Referral








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