New Features & Enhancements for October


  • Smart Fields: In your templates, you can transform a switch field as a smart field by checking “smart field” and you can link all relevant fields to the “smart field” by selecting it as the parent field. This will enable you to show or hide the relevant fields by turning the parent field on or off.

Smart field1 Smart field2

  • Two Column Text Fields: In your templates, you can set a free text field as a “two column field” which will enable you to provide more elaborate answers to your patient questions.

Two column field

  • Locked Note Report: You can export a report with the locked status of a clinical notes and locked date.

Locked note report


  • Patient Credit Card Payment: You can now store patient’s credit card information in drchrono, charge the patient directly and send them a receipt of the payment via text or email. In addition, you can allow patients to enter their credit card information and make online payments via Onpatient. Contact support to enable this feature for your account.

Patient CC Payment1

Patient CC Payment2

  • EOB Transaction: If your EOB check amount doesn’t match the payment transaction, you will receive a warning message on the remittance report screen. This enables you to review the EOB and make sure all the transactions are posted correctly.
  • Rejection Tips: For the top 30 Emdeon or Payer Rejections, our system will show you to steps to help you resolve the rejection. Hover your cursor over “rejection info” and it will show you the explanation for the rejection and the steps to follow to fix it. Learn more here.

Rejection Tips

  • Itemized Statement: You can generate a single report for a patient that includes the patient insurance information, summary of their balance and all their financial transactions.
  • Initial Visit Date: You can set a default visit date for a patient so that all appointments you schedule in the future for that patient, will auto-populate with the initial visit date.

Messaging Center (Other) 

  • Rotate Fax Messages: You can rotate a received fax message and add it directly to patient documents.

Rotate Fax messages


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