New Features & Enhancements – March 2016

Here is a list of our latest features and enhancements:


  • You can now filter documents by type (labs, photos, x-rays, documents) in our iPad EHR application.

Documents Filter updgrade on EHR software

  • You can now set the primary provider for a patient when creating a new patient from the iPad.
  • Appointment Recovery: You can now recover appointments which were deleted by mistake.

Appointment Recovery upgrade on EMR software


  • You can now send lab orders directly while charting the patient’s clinical note.

Send lab order from Clinical note upgrade on EHR software app


  • You can now enable or disable the dashboard for both staff and provider accounts.

Provider Dashboard Control on EMR software app

  • You can now display custom demographic fields for your patients to fill out during onboarding through onpatient or our check-in application.
  • You can choose whether your patients should pay online via Stripe through onpatient, set a minimum amount for them to pay online and whether they must have a balance to do so or not.


  • Our system will show a notification message when you assign a task to one of your staff or providers.
  • You can now update your patient’s medication list from the refill request received directly from the pharmacy.
  • We have integrated with the the American Academy of Ophthalmology so that you can sync your drchrono account with the IRIS registry, allowing you to report against and attest for CQMs measures seamlessly.
  • Our customers will be able to send or receive referrals electronically with the clinical summary from our system to another provider. 
  • Insurance Card Scanning: You can now take a picture of a patient insurance card from our iPad application. It will automatically process and fill out the information from the card in the patient demographics section. View the video here


  • Copy Last Billing Enhancement: You can now copy the last billing transaction from a patient’s last appointment schedule with any provider.

Copy Last Billing Enhancement on EMR software application

  • Auto set Billing status: An appointment billing status will automatically get changed to “Paid in Full” or “Balance Due” when the patient payment is applied from the Patient Payment Screen.
  • You can now assign a default ordering or referring provider for a specific insurance. If the ordering/referring information is not entered for a specific patient, our system will send the default order and referring provider information from the insurance setup screen.
  • You now have the option to refund a payment to a patient if they paid or charged it by accident through onpatient.
  • Deposit Date: You can now enter the deposit date for when you posted an EOB.
  • Add EOB Batch: You can now add multiple EOB files as one batch file and update the insurance check details.

Add EOB Batch enhancement on EHR software application

  • Adjustment Master: You can now set an action for each denial for a specific code or an insurance in this screen, and when you receive an ERA or when you manually post the EOB, our system will automatically trigger that action for that scenario.

Adjustment Master upgrade on EMR software application

  • You have an option now to pull the payment details based on the deposit date in the day sheet.
  • Batch Status Change: You have an option now to change the billing status for multiple appointments in a single step.

Bulk Status Change on EHR software application

  • You can now filter only the list of EOBs or ERAs in the Remittance Report screen.

EOB and ERA Filter update on EHR software app

  • You can now set an appointment color for each custom billing statuses. Our system will show the appointments in the color of your choice in the calendar.  
  • Authorization Report: You can find out the list of patients for whom you have received authorization for through a specific data range.

Authorization Report upgrade on EMR software app

  • You can order the appointments by any of the columns in the ascending or descending order in the Live Claims Feed.

Live claims feed Enhancement on Electronics Health Records software application

  • Code Analysis: Identify the reimbursement rate for your top codes from your top payers and see the top 10 procedure codes and diagnosis codes utilized in your account.  

Code Analysis upgrade on electronic medical records software application

  • Appointment Analysis: Understand the flow of hourly appointments so that you can staff your practice accordingly.

Appointment Analysis update on electronic health records software application


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