New Features & Enhancements for August

Here are this month’s newest features and enhancements:



  • Appointment Breaks
    • On your calendar, you will now be able to see which provider and office location a break between appointments is for without opening the specific appointment.

Break Appointment



  • Appointment Summary
    • When you hover your cursor on the appointment in your calendar screen, you will notice the patient’s previous appointment date and provider’s name.

Appointment Summary



  • Appointment Status
    • Next to each appointment status, you will now find a designated status icon. This icon will show up above the appointment in the schedule screen.

Appointment status




  • Chief Complaint and Vitals Tab
    • When a clinical note is locked, you will not be able to edit the chief complaint and vitals information in the clinical notes section.

Chief Complaint & Vitals tab




  • Onpatient Templates
    • Our system will show the onpatient additional information and reason for visit templates based on the provider’s preference for each appointment.



  • Schedule Appointment
    • You can now schedule an appointment directly from the live claims feed screen.



  • Track Mail Claims
    • When you are printing HCFA or Superbills in bulk, you can change the billing status from the live claims feed.Track Mail Claims



  • Patient Payments
    • You can select appointments which do not have any balance to post a payment.

Patient Payment for $0 appt




  • Online Scheduling Email
    • In your settings, you can choose which staff member should receive notifications when a patient schedules an appointment online.

Online Scheduling email



  • Custom Patient Payment Type
    • You can add your own custom patient payment in your account settings.

Custom Patient payment type


If you have any questions regarding our new features, feel free to contact


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