New Features & Enhancements – April 2016


Happy April! The drchrono team has been working hard on some new features and enhancements to help streamline your office workflow with drchrono. Read the full list below:

  • You can now change an Appointment Time from the iPad EHR App. You have the option to reschedule/edit or delete the appointment without needing to access the calendar via the web. This allows you to stay on your iPad!

edit appointments EHR mobile app

  • Sign outgoing faxes from the iPad EHR App. You can now sign any clinical notes, documents from the patient’s chart, or referrals before faxing them out from the iPad EHR app. To sign clinical notes to be faxed, please follow the steps below:
  1. Choose any appointment from the home screen of the iPad EHR App.
  2. Select the blue Chart button.
  3. (If needed, complete the clinical note.) Then, select View Complete Note.
  4. From the Actions button in the top right-hand corner, select Send Fax (All) or Send Fax (Partial).
  5. Click on Sign button with Pencil icon.
  6. Position the note to display where you want to sign. Then click on Sign tab on top.
  7. Sign the note accordingly.

sign faxes EHR mobile app

*For referrals and documents, you will fax them as normal but before you send them as a fax, you will see the same Sign button with pencil icon.

  • View a patient’s documents at any time and place with Quick History on the iPad EHR App. You can now quickly navigate to a patient’s documents from wherever you may be on the iPad EHR App – from the home page, from the clinical note, from the Patient tab, and even while viewing the patient’s History. Simply select the More button, which is usually on the top right of every screen, and select Quick History. A pop-up window will then appear with thumbnails of the patient’s documents and you will be able to filter or search through these documents. You no longer have to leave the page you are currently on to review the patient’s chart!

patient history on EHR mobile app

  • You will now capture all denials incorrectly transmitted with the adjustment code 45. In the drchrono system, the adjustment reason code 45 results in a write-off and moves the claim status to Paid in Full. When a claim is denied, some insurance companies will incorrectly transmit the adjustment reason code 45, instead of the denial code, in the ERA and the claim will get adjusted to Paid in Full in our system. Since all denials need to be worked by your billing team, we have made some changes in our billing system to avoid this issue going forward – by not posting the adjustment code for the claims that fall into this scenario. Instead, the claim status will change to ERA denied so your billers know to keep working the claim to get you paid!
  • PQRS Measure Numbers now shown in the Clinical Quality Measure Report. For those of you reporting for PQRS, you can now find the associated PQRS Measure # for each CQM listed in the drchrono report, which can be found under the Clinical tab on the website. This will help to make the attestation process that much easier!

PQRS measures on EHR mobile app

  • Customize the consent forms that each patient must sign. Previously, consent forms were assigned to appointment profiles and the appointment profile determined which consent forms were displayed to a patient during the onboarding process, whether they were being onboarded from the Check-in App or through the Patient Portal. You now have the option to customize the consent form list that will display to each patient during their onboarding. You will see this option within the Schedule Appointment pop-up when a new appointment is created or an existing appointment is opened from the Calendar.

Create custom Consent Forms on the EHR mobile app

  • Choose whether breaks are included (or not) in the reports you run. While running a report from the Advanced Report, you now have an option to exclude or include breaks scheduled on the calendar. You can even run a report exclusively for breaks!

Customize Breaks in reports on EMR/EHR mobile app

  • You will now be warned before deleting an appointment. The drchrono website will pop up a warning message when you delete an appointment. The message will state “Are you sure you want to delete this appointment? This will also delete the clinical note.” This will help prevent accidental deletions and thus, loss of clinical notes. But remember, you can always use the Appointment Recovery feature under the Schedule tab to recover any deleted appointments. Now you have two measures to prevent data loss!

Delete appointment Warning message confirmation EMR EHR mobile app

  • Re-order the ICD and CPT codes for a claim. You now have the ability to order the ICD-9, ICD-10, and CPT/HCPCS/Custom codes any way you want in the Billing Details Screen. To adjust the order, please follow the steps below:
  1. Under the Billing tab, select the Live Claims Feed report.
  2. For any patient listed, select the Date of Service.
  3. Under any of the sections (ICD-10, ICD-9, etc.), you will see a Menu icon (3 parallel lines) on the top right-hand side of the section.
  4. When you select the Menu icon, you will see a similar icon appear at the end of each line item.
  5. Drag and drop the codes in the order you want.
  6. Hit the blue Verify & Save button to save the changes.

Reorder codes in the emr ehr mobile app

  • Convert to ICD-10 on the website also. We have now brought the option to convert a patient ICD-9 code to an ICD-10 code in the Assessment section of the Clinical Note on the website. 

Convert ICD codes on the Electronic Health Records web based application


If you do not see these features and enhancements on your account, you may need to upgrade your plan. To do so, please contact

12 thoughts on “New Features & Enhancements – April 2016

  1. Great update. Always improving.

    I have only one complaint. I was looking forward to the sign document feature, for years we have had to print our labs faxed to us and uploaded to sign them. I was so happy you were finally adding a feature almost every EMR has, a way to sign off on documents.

    However you swung and missed. Signing only faxes, WHAT? Seriously, who needed that over signing documents.

    Seriously I love DrChrono but sometimes I wonder do you even have doctors on your staff to help you improve DrChrono. If not i’ll do it pro bono!

    Otherwise great update. You guys rock, even when you sometimes get it wrong.

    • Hi Dr. Amols,

      Thanks for your comments! I apologize for any confusion but we have had the ability to sign documents for a while with our Free Draw feature. Please follow the following steps on the iPad EHR app:
      1. Under the History tab for the patient, select the document you would like to sign.
      2. Select the Actions button in the top right-hand corner and choose the Free Draw option.
      3. Sign anywhere on the document and choose a title name for it.
      4. Select Save as New.
      You will now have a signed copy of the document. This functionality is pretty similar to the new fax signature feature, except you do not have to go through the steps of sending a fax.

      I hope that helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team with any more questions at

      • Marjon part of having an electronic medical record is for it to look clean and easy to find documents. Having two copies of each document in the EMR doesn’t make sense. Drawing on a document is not signing it.

        It leaves a lot of doctors at risk not signing off on the documents. Yes that is a horrible work around but is not signing documents. Why not make a simple electronic signature at the bottom of the document like you do with clinical notes. Making the user have to make another file is not only cumbersome but again defeats the ease of a EMR and making it simple.

        • We have the exact same issue. We need an easy way to sign a document as reviewed ESPECIALLY when it is a lab. With the Health Gorilla integration, this issue becomes more important. Because these labs are coming in as faxes. Ideally we could put a date/time stamp, and signature, and even a comment… this needs to be on the actual document, and not a copy of the document. Right now our workaround is to use another application, UPDOX, for all our incoming faxes and it has this ability to permanently mark up a document.

        • We have the exact same issue. We need an easy way to sign a document as reviewed ESPECIALLY when it is a lab. With the Health Gorilla integration, this issue becomes more important, because these labs are coming in as faxes. Ideally we could put a date/time stamp, and signature, and even a comment… this needs to be on the actual document, and not a copy of the document. Right now our workaround is to use another application, UPDOX, for all our incoming faxes and it has this ability to permanently mark up a document.

  2. A refill option which updates the med list with date to me seems to be something that is missing and keeps getting overlooked. It seems silly to have to rewrite each med script so that refill date can be updated. Should be able to click a button next to a med on the list and either refill or discontinue it immediately.

    • I am happy to announce that this enhancement is currently going through beta testing and should be released in the app update if all goes well with the testing.

  3. All medications that i prescribe are listed in the patient’s note. If I prescribe the same medication every month it is listed many times in the note under Medications and Allergies. It will be great if you could include a prescription date so i could see a history of my prescriptions instead of just listing it multiple times.

    • We are currently beta testing a change in this workflow and will release it with the next app update if all goes will with the testing.

  4. Marjon, why would you guys not allow physician to sign documents? Why make us use the work around to sign documents and create two documents for every signed document.

    Obviously it’s possible now, so why not give that ability to documents so we can sign off on labs and other documents?

    You put practices at risk by not allowing us to sign our documents that have been reviewed.

  5. These are nice upgrades, but the single most important update that needs to be completed is being able to select all the medications in the medication list and send at once instead of clicking on drug at a time. This would a be a huge time saver and time is one thing most doctors don’t have.

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