New Feature: Insurance Authorizations

We’ve added a new feature to track your insurance authorizations! To add your insurance authorizations, first go to the Patient Dashboard, under Patients>>Dashboard and search for a patient.

Once a patient is selected, choose Demographics and then select Authorizations.

To create a new Authorization, select Add New Authorization.

Fill in the Authorization number, Start Date, either the End Date or Number of Visits, and Procedure Codes. You can set the Authorization by either choosing the End Date or the Number of Visits, both which will move the Authorization to the Archived section. You can add as many procedural codes as you want to the Authorization. Then, if the billing code matches any of the codes in the Authorization, the Authorization will be applied to the visit.

After the Authorization has been saved, you will see a list of the Authorizations with the information listed.

If an Authorization has 4 or fewer Authorizations remaining or less than 2 weeks left in the Authorization, there will be a warming at the top of the Demographics screen. This warning will also be shown on the Appointment screen.

This warning will also appear on the Appointment Pop-up Screen.

Once a CPT code on an Authorization is entered on either the web or iPad and saved, the Payer pre-authorization number will automatically populate and remove an allocated visit. The Authorizations will keep track of how Authorizations are left for that patient.

The Insurance Authorization will allow you to keep track of your Authorizations, and warn you when you’re low on time or visits. Let us know what you think at!

Here is a quick training video on this feature as well –

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