New Feature: Adding Supervising Signatures on the iPhone EHR Application

The ability to have a supervising provider sign off on a rendering provider’s clinical note is now available on the iPhone EHR application. Supervising signatures on the mobile app works the same way as on the web. First, a drchrono team member must have set up a supervisor/rendering provider relationship in your account. This feature will not work on the mobile app unless this setting is enabled.

Finding the appointment/note is made easy with the filters available on the iOS app. A supervisor must log in to their account to search for the appointment/note that needs to be signed. Tap on the ‘Filters’ button on the top left page of the app’s EHR section. Ensure ‘All Appointments’ is selected so that other providers’ appointments will also appear. Filter for “Locked” notes only, your desired date range, and the office/exam room you wish to search.

DrChrono EHR appointment locked notes

Your results will show in the left-hand panel. If you did not filter by “Locked” notes, just look for a lock symbol on your appointments.  Select your desired note and click the “Start Visit” button.

DrChrono EHR appointment start visit

Select the ‘Add Supervising Signature’ button to add your signature on top of the rendering provider’s signature.  You will only see the ‘Add Supervising Signature’ button if the account accessing the appointment is an authorized supervisor.

DrChrono EHR clinical notes add supervisor signatureDrChrono EHR clinical notes with supervisor signature

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