2 thoughts on “Medical Forms Builder Redesigned

  1. Great update. As requested in drchrono uservoice, we would still love to be able to ask longer questions AND make some responses mandatory. Many patients have to be told two or three or even four times to fill out the entire form. Would also be great if we could capture additional info on multiple screens so that people don’t have to scroll down one really long (and overwhelming) screen. Thanks!

  2. I agree with Dr. Schmidt. It’s so crucial to make responses mandatory especially if the client is filling out the forms at home and we are unable to remind them to fill it all out! Longer questions is another great point.
    I also like the idea of having additional info covered on multiple pages so that the client can not use the excuse, “i didn’t know that there was more” etc. .

    I would also enjoy being able to edit some of the other sections. For instance, I have no need for the client’s SSN and so many people are skeptical about giving it anyway. Also, I’ve noticed that free draw does not work if someone is filling out the form on onpatient from a laptop using a mouse. This will work if I onboard the patient with my ipad once they’re in my office but it would be nice if it worked from a laptop/mouse combo as well!

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