Medical Billing Power User: Superbill Date Range

If you would like to print Superbills for a particular day or date range, please follow the steps outlined below (Note: the most the system allows is 50 claims at a time):

1) Hover over the “Billing” tab and choose “Live Claims Feed”.

2) Enter the date range for the time frame you want to retrieve the Superbills for and also indicate whether you want to retrieve the data for “Locked” or “Unlocked” Clinical Notes.

Live claim fields in superbill date range on drchrono EMR software

3) In the “Export to File” (Dropdown), choose “Print Superbill”

Suberbill export dropdown on drchrono EMR software app

4) Once you choose the option “Print Superbill”, you will see the below message that the superbills are printed to the “Message Center”.

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