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It takes time to find the great apps simple apps in the sea of apps that are out that are actually useful.

My goal during these Medical App of the Week reviews are to “Make Doctors Entrepreneurs”, helping doctors, nurses and medical professionals learn about what apps are available to help them run their own healthcare practices through iPads and iPhones.

The iPhone / iPad app this week I would like to highlight is an app called “Ruler Pad”
Ruler Pad

This is a very simple app, all it does is measure things.

How can you use this in your medical practice? Simple, it to measure the size of lacerations, cuts, skin burns and wounds. Stanford Hospital physicians do just that, they measure things with their iPhones.

Sometimes the simple apps are the best apps!

Below are a few pics of the app in action.

One thought on “Medical App of the Week – Ruler Pad

  1. Thanks again for reviewing the app. Great to hear that there’s some inesrett in it out there! I’m working on an update that will be released next week with 3.0 that will fix most of the issues people might be seeing.All the best!Eric

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