May 2019 Update: Chart by Voice and Automated Authorization Alerts

This month, improve your productivity and patient care using the new features such as Chart by Voice and new authorization alerts.

Chart by Voice

Our enhanced speech to text module now enables you to easily maneuver through your charts and transcribe your clinical notes using your voice.

Use voice commands like “next field” to switch to the next field, or “next paragraph” for a line break instead of manually tapping on the screen. You can select “What Can I Say?” which will show you a glossary of all voice commands available. Chart by Voice >

Please note that after enabling this feature, you will be notified to restart your EHR.

Updated Authorization Alerts

Authorization alerts will alert you when a patient is approaching the end of their approved visits. You will be able to see how many authorized visits remain for a given patient so you don’t overbook beyond allowed amount.

The alerts will show in the appointment window from the Calendar view in DrChrono and can be adjusted to show either as the approved number of days or authorizations left. Setting up your Authorizations is the same as before: simply create a custom procedure code for a number of appointments and assign it to an Insurance Authorization in the Demographics tab on DrChrono for web. Authorization Alerts >

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