New Features & Enhancements for March

Below is a list of our newest enhancements and features.


  • Clinical Quality Measures
    • Electronically download your Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) data in the QRDA format and directly upload it to the CMS system.

CQM Electronic reporting



  • Track your Patient’s Default Pharmacy Changes
    • In your patient’s audit log report, you can track the changes made to his or her default pharmacy.

Default Pharmacy getting tracked in Audit log



  • Tertiary Insurance Information
    • When you print your patient’s demographics information, you will now be able to see their tertiary insurance information.

Tertiary Insurance information



  • Clinical Note Status
    • In your Advanced Report, view the lock status of your clinical reports.

Clinical note status on the Advance Report screen




  • Reason Code 137
    • In the Live Claims Feed, you can choose Reason Code 137 (Regulatory Surcharges, Assessments, Allowances or Health Related Taxes) as your reason for adjusting insurance charges.


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