July 2019 Product Newsletter

What’s new this July with our product releases and updates? eRx now includes the effective date for prescriptions. Plus, you can learn to match appointment profiles to billing profiles for faster coding. Read on to see more details.

Effective Date in eRx

effective date in erx

With this update, you can view and set the effective date for prescriptions in your eRx. By adding the effective date, you can ensure pharmacies know when is the earliest they may fill each prescription helping you maintain adherence and maintain patient safety. This is a valuable feature because the issuance of refills for a schedule II controlled substance is prohibited by law.

Match Appointment Profiles to Billing Profiles

Our appointment and billing profiles may not be new but they are worth highlighting due to the time they can save you when it comes to coding. Simply assign an appointment type and predetermined time block to create an appointment profile. Next, create a billing profile for commonly used codes. Then, go back to your appointment profile and select the related billing profile from the drop down. Now you are ready for fast and accurate coding. 

For example, if you have an appointment profile for a psychotherapy initial consult and then create a billing profile with the related CPT code, 90791. When you apply this billing profile to your scheduled psychotherapy appointment your billing code will automatically be applied so you don’t have to go and add it in manually every time you have a psychotherapy initial assessment.

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