iPad dominates healthcare through 2014

Manhattan Research’s VP of Research Monique Levy, said recently that Manhattan’s survey of physicians in the US found that 62 percent now have some kind of tablet device, almost twice as many as last year.

The majority of tablet owned by physicians are iPads, among that group Levy found that the doctors are even planning to buy an additional tablet device in the next few months. Levy mentioned:

“The iPad will continue to be the dominant platform through the end of 2014, for sure,”

Smartphones tablets, laptop’s, desktops are becoming the norm. About 40 percent of US physicians use all three of those screens. Levy said that mentioned that the more devices a physican has the more additive the group actually spends more time on each device than physicians who just use one or two of them, meaning more devices are additive.

Levy also said doctors are more selective with apps than consumers. Doctors download less apps then the average consumer, though the apps they download have higher usage rates.

There is very little use of smart phones is done during patient consultations, Levy also mentioned. This might be due to the challenges software developers have with the smaller screens and organizing the data on them. Levy also mentioned:

18 percent of physicians use some aspects of EHRs on their mobile devices — even on their smartphones.

What was most surprising to Levy was a lack of mobile devices that enable better patient interaction with the device, or the “swivel effect” where the doctor can show the patient what they are doing or talking about.


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