Introducing Luma Health

Today Luma Health is excited to announce a new partnership with drchrono. Everyday patients are waiting for appointments, everyday there are open appointments. Luma Health allows doctors and patients to connect sooner.

drchrono users can now fill their appointment book and reduce staff time all while quickly getting patients to see their doctors. Our seamless integration for drchrono customers detects cancellations and offers appointments to waiting patients in real time.  Remind, manage wait lists, and fill cancellations automatically!

Luma Health 1
HIPAA compliant appointment reminders allow patients to confirm or cancel an appointment by a simple text message. 

Luma Health gives drchrono customers a plethory of tools to communicate with their patients. When’s the last time you received a text from your doctor? With actionable appointment reminders, patients are reminded in their preferred way (SMS, email, or voice call).

Within their reminder, patients can conveniently cancel (or confirm!) appointments that no longer work within their busy schedule and doctors are able to fill the time slot with patients who otherwise are waiting weeks to get an appointment.

Patients don’t need to shop around for earlier appointments knowing their doctor has them in mind and will get them in at the soonest opening. 

Luma Health 2
Easy-to-use dashboard lets staff know who confirmed, who canceled, and who didn’t respond in real time.

As partners, Luma Health and drchrono help practices better serve their patients.  Practices who face long patient wait times and high appointment value can increase revenue by $10K+ a month while allowing doctors to get their patients on the road to recovery sooner.

Luma Health’s current customers include small practices, mid-size multi-specialty practices and dental groups, and large community health centers in California, Louisiana and New York.  Practices see the benefit whether seeing 30 patients or 1,000+ patients a week.  More filled appointments means more revenue, and above all, happy and healthier patients.

We envision a world where there is no waiting in line for health care and we’re excited to partner with drchrono to get patients seen sooner and back to good health faster.

Here is an interview with the founders –

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