IBM Watson Supercomputer Healthcare API

Did you know that IBM’s Watson Supercomputer is operating at the level of a second or third year medical student? Watson is.
IBM partnered with a doctor/professor at a medical school to use Watson in the clinical setting.

IBM Watson Supercomputer Healthcare API

One of our engineers had an idea that as the doctor interviews and examines the patient, and enters data into his iPad, Watson could be constantly updating a “Top 5” possible diagnoses list.

If IBM would open up an API for Watson, the drchrono team, other software engineering teams and companies could leverage the knowledge from Watson.

A “Top 5” possible diagnoses list (constantly updated) would remind the doctor to rule-out certain uncommon (but serious) diseases/conditions.

An amazing long term idea.

This supercomputer beat the top two players in the world in Jeopardy, and the medical field is one of the most logical places to use it.

Other people are starting to tap into this idea as well, one case in point is WellPoint. WellPoint, the health insurance company, says it’s going to use Watson to suggest treatment options and diagnoses to doctors.

Dr. Ferrucci, IBM research staff, discusses the potential impact of Watson on the medical field, how it could help save healthcare dollars, and other uses of Watson.

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