Healthcare API Update

drchrono medical health records api update banner

Thank you for your continuous support of our API! We’ve been hard at work building the most robust API in healthcare and we’re excited to announce our latest version – v2016_06. We’ve learned a lot about how people use the API, and this new version introduces some new features and efficiencies that we’re happy to bring to the public:

  • a new pagination method to increase performance speed when returning large results
  • write capability to a number of endpoints
  • new permission handling

As per our deprecation policy, v2016_06 will be our latest and greatest version, receiving more upgrades more frequently than prior versions. v2015_08 will be deprecated, meaning it will receive bug fixes, but may not receive active development. In addition, we will be reaching out to those of your on our unsupported versions (v2014_08 and earlier) as those are subject to deactivation.

We recommend that you test your application on the v2016_06 version to ensure proper functionality as there are some breaking changes (please view our change log to see details – we will be updating this log continuously).

As always, please reach out with any questions and we’ll be sure to respond as quickly as possible. We’re ecstatic to have you building on our platform and wish you happy building! 

Join our Healthcare Google Group to get questions answered! –!forum/drchrono-api


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