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This article was written by Daniel Kivatinos and Sohaib Shaikh.

drchrono Medical Records API

It’s the moment that all of you developers have been waiting for as we finally unveil our API. With this API you guys have the opportunity to develop applications that could move health-care from a physician’s office to a patient’s home. You can develop apps to collect patient-reported or continuous monitoring data–a task that has been extremely difficult to do given how highly regulated the healthcare industry is. By using our API you can provide physicians with tools for decision support–maybe allow a patient to include certain symptoms and give them or a physician as set of steps, diagnoses, over-the-counter drugs, follow-up questions or other forms of feedback. Even think about using the API to access custom logic to create a “smart forms” that physicians could to run metrics, quality checks or other medical analytics as they enter in data.

Whether you’re a cloud-computing company that wants to provide mobile access to healthcare information and applications, a social network that wants to encourage peer to peer sharing of healthcare information amongst patients, a data analytics company that wants to create new diagnostic tests for physicians or a research institution wishing to connect with patients and physicians, drchrono’s API will finally give you a way to reach millions of patients and physicians. Through the drchrono API you can create value-add on tools for the drchrono EMR (Electronic Medical Record), access data physician, patient and office date and even add data onto the drchrono EMR. Now physicians can access applications like Nephosity (in the html include a hyperlink to the website in their name), an application that allows physicians to view and share medical images such as CT scans, MRI, ultrasounds and x-rays, while logged into their drchrono account on their iPad or iPhone.

The drchrono API also allows developers to finally get access to the mobile health industry–one of the most enticing reasons to use the API. According to recent surveys by iHealth magazine, currently 60% of all healthcare workers (physicians, nurses, nurse-practitioners, etc.) have access to tablets. By 2017, the rate at which the mobile health industry will be growing at a rate of 61%, easily allowing it to become a multi-billion US dollar industry. But physicians are not the only individuals that developers will be able to target with drchrono. In fact, iHealth reports that 50% of all smart phone users will download a health application within the next five years. The drchrono OnPatient applications provides a way for patients to send HIPAA-compliant messages, view electronic medical records, pay account-bills or schedule appointments. Through OnPatient developers can create applications that allow patients to better monitor healthy habits or chronic diseases.

Even individual or smaller developer groups can start developing applications for the drchrono platform. Think of all the websites and games that individuals have been able to develop for facebook. With the drchrono API, developers can now create similar applications for physicians and patients and help bring health technology into the modern era. If any of you guys remember this article to B.J. Foggs Class on facebook Applications (include hyperlink to BJ Foggs class) our goal is to create a similar opportunity for developers within the healthcare space. In fact, the drchrono platform serves as an easy means of accessing a targeted audience of physicians and patients. According to Dr. William Hersh

a common data store, on top of which a thousand flowers(or apps) can bloom, is the ideal situation to the health information system ‘ecosystem’.This will allow new ideas and innovations to flourish, while insuring that interoperable data will be accessible by all apps that have appropriate and authorized access. It will ensure competition and a healthy marketplace to bring about the best in health information technology.

drchrono is looking to become this “data store” that will finally allow innovation to flourish in healthcare industry, a place where regulations have served as the biggest barrier to innovation.

Before the release of the drchrono API, it could have taken months or years for a developer to gain access to the API’s of healthcare institutions. For example, many hospitals will lock away patient data and refuse to allow doctors and developers to build on top of hospital platforms. The HL7 API that is used to exchange, retrieve, integrate and share electronic health information.However, because vendors, hospitals and other healthcare facilities do not always store their data in similar formats, using the API creates massive usability issues (include quote from doctor about API). It is not even based on the RESTful model (the dominant web API design model). That’s why drchrono created the first RESTful API for EMRs. Now developers can attain access to the drchrono API by requesting approval at the following link, It should not take more than a week to approve your request to access the API. Documentation for the API is available once you are logged in an approved for access at this API Keys Access page –

Now developers can be a part of improving the lives of patients.

Dr. Thomas Ross, President and CEO of Critical Medical Solutions, Inc. mentions

We were very impressed that because of drchrono’s API, we are now able to easily integrate our MedXT program with drchrono’s EHR platform and have all of our important patient information centralized in one database. As doctors, we need access to previous studies, patient histories and cases to create a continuity of care for the patient and to mitigate risk. Through drchrono and MedXT we are able to now do that in a very efficient manner and also greatly improve our digital workflow. The electronic management of healthcare data is the future, and we feel we’re a big step ahead by working with drchrono and MedXT.

Physicians are now looking to suggest mobile health applications as a part of a patient’s treatment plan. Just as physicians are able to prescribe drugs within drchrono physicians could even prescribe mobile medicine to a patient and easily give instructions for those applications via the drchrono platform. With one click of a button we would not only be able to to make life easier for physicians and patients, but also revolutionize patient-physician interaction. It’s time now for the developer community to become a part of a long-waited technical innovation in the healthcare industry.

In addition the best approved apps will be released into the drchrono App Store.


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