February 2015 – New Features List

Below is a list of our newest features and enhancements.


  • We have updated our system with new service types to check eligibility and benefits for patients such as physical therapy, skilled nursing care, lenses etc.

Insurance Eligibility

  • Ordering Provider Section
    • In Patient Demographics, there is a new section where you can enter the ordering provider information. This information is required to submit DMERC claims to the insurance company.

Ordering Provider Section


  • You can now select which provider appointments you want to see with our new provider filter in the Live Claims Feed..

Provider Filter

  • You now have an option to filter appointments by the type of appointments using previously designated appointment profiles in the Live Claims Feed.

Appointment Filter


  • Purchased Service Provider
    • In the Live Claims Feed, there is a new section where you can enter information about the purchased provider who is responsible for billing the insurance.


  • Billing Log
    • We have introduced a new subset in the Billing tab where you can view all your billing changes made during a specific date range.

Billing Log


  • When creating a custom demographic field, you can now set allowable values which makes it easier for you enter your acceptable values.
  • Primary Provider
    • You now have an option to set a primary provider for a staff account which will help you monitor staff accounts as you move them from one provider to another.

Primary Provider

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