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Meet Drchrono, the free app for your mobile device that could revolutionize healthcare in the modern world. Founded by Daniel Kivatinos and Michael Nusimow, Drchrono is a software platform that eliminates the need for paperwork, because it tracks everything digitally. Doctor’s notes, test results, symptoms – they all go into your electronic medical record (EMR), and can be pulled up anywhere (with your permission) no matter where your doctor or you may be.  Available on most mobile platforms, including a doctor’s new best friend – the iPad, Drchrono lets you simply enter medical information on the same device you use to play Draw Something. Besides filling out EMR, Drchrono lets doctors check insurance eligibility, take dictation, or even snap a few photos. Patients use it to enter their own data, leave questions for their doctor, and (eventually) to track their health. To date Drchrono has been downloaded by medical professionals more than 20,000 times for the iPad alone. Singularity Hub spoke with Daniel Kivatinos as part of the Membership Program’s regular Hangouts with tech VIPs. Kivatinos discussed the history, scope, and future of Drchrono, and highlights from that conversation are available in the video below. Not only is Drchrono digitizing the modern doctor’s office, it’s also the platform that could drastically improve healthcare by handling all the boring, administrative tasks automatically. Allowing you and your doctor to focus on what’s really important: getting you healthy again.

The following video is a highlight reel of the Singularity Hub Membership Program’sHangout with Daniel Kivatinos. I’ve also included a brief demo video at the beginning to give newcomers a better idea of what Drchrono does and looks like. Members, of course, can watch the full video. (Not a bad reason to join, huh?)

 As Kivatinos explains in the video, Drchrono’s whole aim is to change healthcare. Traditionally, doctors and nurse practitioners record patient information on paper files – files they have to store, send for, and modify by hand. With Drchrono, both medical staff and patients can input information digitally, and share that data quickly as needed. No matter where a patient travels their digital medical records can be updated efficiently – holding all the test results, doctor’s notes, and patient questions that it needs to be complete. The core features of the Drchrono platform, which are available for free, fulfill all the requirements for US doctors to earn Medicare incentives for adopting EMR in their practice. That’s why switching from paper files to Drchrono can earn doctors up to $44,000 from the government!

The promise (and financial allure) of Electronic Medical Records is great, but Drchrono goes well beyond simply enabling EMR. Kivatinos wants to make access to patient records not only efficient but natural. Patients can be handed an iPad, take their own picture for records, and type in questions they want to ask their doctor. When doctors call up the file, all that information is right there in there hands. Doctors can add in notes by hand, or just by talking using medical speech to text (a pay feature for Drchrono). Before a procedure is prescribed, doctors can quickly check insurance eligibility through Drchrono in real time, and perhaps adjust treatment accordingly.

The rest of the article is available on Singularity Hub.

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