Electronic Lab & Imaging Integration

With our improved lab & imaging ordering, you can quickly place lab orders and receive results directly within your EHR. We currently support over 9,000 diagnostics labs and 35,000 radiology centers through our partnership with Health Gorilla’s Secure Clinical Network as we continue to improve your diagnostic workflow and improve your practice efficiency.


Easily Order Labs & Images Directly from your EHR

  • Place an order right from the patient chart
  • Any test can be saved as a template for any further tests
  • Once the results come in, you will see them in the patient chart



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do you have my local lab, how can I check?
Answer: We currently support 9,000+ diagnostic labs and 35,000+ radiology centers through our partnership with Health Gorilla’s Secure Clinical Network. You can check their vendor catalog here. If you don’t see your lab, contact our sales team via email at sales@drchrono.com or call (844) 569-8628

Question: What is the process of adding my lab to the drchrono network?
Answer: If you are a current customer of drchrono (Hippocrates, Apollo or Apollo Plus), fill out our lab integration request form and let us take care of the rest. You will get a notification once your lab is connected. If you are not a current drchrono customer or are on our Prometheus Plan, contact our sales team to upgrade and get started. 

Question: How do I send lab orders from drchrono using the Health Gorilla Integration?
Answer: From your drchrono homepage, go to your patient list, select patient chart, and at the bottom left you will find the “Health Gorilla” Third Party App. From there, you can place a new lab order for your patient. If you haven’t set up your integration, follow these simple steps to get started. 

Watch our interview with the founders of Health Gorilla to learn more about the integration, as well as how to leverage any lab in the United States.


Health Gorilla is an online marketplace which connects clinicians with over 9,000 diagnostic labs and imaging centers. Doctors and their staff can instantly place lab orders, get results and eliminate paper faxes. Learn how you can leverage any lab in the United States through drchrono’s integration with Health Gorilla.

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